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Only 2 topics are getting traffic on medium

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I have noticed that only two topics are mostly read here.These get the most reads

And get the most views claps and comments. What are those?

How to make money online

How to write articles that get you traffic.

The title may change as per writers thoughts but the ultimate information and result is the same

I found this after reading so many articles and writing some as well.

I wrote articles on different topics like health, weight loss, personal life story, to earn money, also some about philosophy, humanity, consciousness, spirituality, pets, how to write articles fast.

But I found that the ones that got most reads are the ones that tell you how to earn money also the ones that tell you how to write articles that will get you more reads, and ultimately more money.

medium is a good platform to write and earn.But people have become more interested in money than writing an article which will get you a moral and some value and some teachings at the end like we had in school but no one interested to read such topics.

Blogging on medium has become a money game. I have read many articles that are written carefully with good English with a lot of emotions and feelings and add some value to life but such articles have very less traffic as I see.

Why has this become a money game. Can we support each other write good articles and maintain the purpose of blogging to feelings, emotions, information ,teaching and entertainment fun and laughter rather than just how to earn money. Lets change the trend and get some peace of mind here.

Money will not always make you happy or a nice person. I don’t earn a penny on medium but I still write because I love writing. I am not here to earn ..I am here to write.I love to write on medium.

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Marziya Khan

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