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The Furry tales( A true story of my cat family)

Image courtesy sergey semin unsplash

We all love pets.Some are Dog lovers and some love kittens.I am a cat lover.

Three years back i had a call from a good friend who had new born kittens born her cat.Since he wasn’t in a situation to take of so many cats and kittens he requested me to adopt few from them.I love cats so i readily agreed.Although i had no knowledge how to take care of them i adopted two from them male and a female kitten.We named them Sher Khan(Sheroo) and Smokey Khan

They are absolutely adorable friendly and adapted to our family very easily.Its fun to play with them feed them and train them which we did lot of love.We made sure they are vaccinated and properly fed always. After about 2 years the female cat(Smokey) gave birth to 2 kittens.They were the cutest kittens i every saw.

They made us happy with their funny acts always.Smokey was a wonderful and caring mother to them.But then came an issue which made us very sad.We were unable to afford cat food and vaccinations for them as due to the lock down we have very minimal income.Taking care of two cats was ok but 4 became out of budget for us. We had to sadly part with them and give them away for adoption to another family we knew.They were financially settled and were happy to take care of them.But when we came back home after giving them away Smokey (the mother) was completely shocked to not see the kittens with us on return.She searched the basket over and over again and she searched the house to find her angels.When she looked at me in the eyes directly she seemed to have lost the trust in me and also she had so many questions to ask.She was too sad and went into depression.She didn't have food for 3 days we kept trying to make her happy but with no success. She recovered in next few days.But me,my son and husband all were still very depressed as we missed them and had the guilt of giving them away just for not having enough funds to take care of them.

We were glad to see Smokey back to normal now.But we soon found she has conceived again which we didn't think would happen so fast again.We were concerned about her mental health and physical weakness,But she seemed normal.She then gave birth to three beautiful kitten all three with different colors.And we became more attached to them as they were very playful and adorable.Smokey became busy with the three angels and too care of them.But this time she is very protective of them and doesn't want to part with them for sure.We have considered to neuter the male to avoid any further pregnancies.

But the same issue arises again of how to take care of 5 cats overall as still our income has not come back to normal.The food vaccinations and other maintenance is taking us on roller coaster ride for now.I am not earning from medium as i am not a part of the partner program approved countries.

I need support for this please support me to feed the furry family.Otherwise i may have to donate them again leaving my cat family in depression and also me my son and husband we all are attached to them so much.Help to keep the family together .

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