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Weight loss has been considered as a very difficult and complicated task these days. which is why most of the common people do not consider losing weight and choose to remain overweight. We accept it as a way of life. we convince ourselves by saying that we still have the swag and style so it doesn’t matter if we are fat. Also we make ourselves happy by saying that my family and loved ones have no issues with me being fat so i don’t care about what other people think.

we might spend a lot of time visiting doctors for lifestyle diseases or other health issues ,but still don’t want to lose weight. Reason being it’s made so complicated and difficult by the weight loss industry that we do not understand the right way to it.

And we end up being overweight for lifetime as that seems to be easier then the complicated myths and fads created by the industry in our minds..

The wrong mindset is what we are a victim of. We need to clear our thought process. Do not follow the standards set by the industry and the society in general.


In this article we are going to discuss a very easy method to live a healthy life and lose weight in a healthy and simple manner.

My experience with weight loss

I am mother of three and had gained almost 15 kgs after my last delivery. Never knew how to lose weight hence just had green tea daily which never helped me to lose even 1 kg or 1 inch .I kept away from oily and fat filled food to keep the weight off, But was never successful in losing weight . Since i am a working woman and a mother i never had enough time for myself so just remained overweight, with the thought that my kids and husband still love me, and i am still a princess to my parents. Life seemed ok but not great.Anxiety,asthama,thyroid,eczema,hairfall and indigestion was a part of life now.

Turning point of life

At the onset of Covid, We all ended up at home in a lockdown. The only thing we all could do is cook food , eat watch tv ,movies and you tube videos. Obviously we didn’t move out of home due to the virus scare. Work from home was the way of life. This made me gain more weight. I had a weigh scale at home which never showed a lower weight. Finally I decided this is the right time ,since we are working from home now, i can do some research on how to lose weight and start the journey. And after lot of reading books watching videos reading blogs I finally found an easy way to lose weight. Which actually worked.

I am still following it successfully. I am healthy .I am happy. I am calm. I am a much better human being then I was before. Believe me it’s a miracle that happened without any strict diets or complicated weight loss stratergies. I finally lost the 15 kgs and gained muscles ,also I gained lot of happiness peace and confidence.

Easy Weight loss method.

After all the research I did and successfully implemented it on my self,I would like my readers to benefit from it. Even if this article changes one life or one mindset It will be an achievement for me.

We being Indians are from a society where dal rice chapatti sabzi are a way of life. I never agreed to give up on these as I grew up eating these on daily basis and had non veg on weekends like a normal indian would do. If someone says do a keto diet palio diet gmo diet I would never agree and these are all just weight loss hypes I would say.

Weight loss schedule for all of you.


Wake up and have a glass of water. It could be normal or warm water avoid very cold or very hot.(add lemon juice and honey and salt if possible)Plain water is fine as well. You can have more water also if you like. Take small sips and have peacefully while sitting. Do not stand. salt can be Himalayan if you have.

After about 15 minutes have a seasonal fresh fruit. Best is banana or apple , you can choose any other as well that is available and in season. Do not go for fancy ones that come from overseas or come in packaging. Local fruits only or dry fruits also ok.

After another 20 minutes have an Indian breakfast of your choice it could be anything like poha, upma,

Egg paratha, fresh milk cream(malai) ,idli dosa dokla or anything else that is home made. Include ,tea coffee milk if you prefer. please avoid bread , paav,noodles or pasta.

After 2 hours have one more fruit or handful of peanuts or any dry fruit or a slice of cheese or chaas or dahi or some chana.(this one should be a small snack less in quantity)


Have normal homemade lunch roti sabzi, dal chawal sprouts chicken fish or any non veg that you prefer. Avoid any outside or packaged foods. Avoid maida and bread or paav.Eat very slowly. Chew slowly .Sit on the floor cross legged and eat .Respect food. Do not watch television or mobile videos and messages while having food .Be thankful for what you have on your plate. Use all your senses smell taste touch sight. Eat with family if possible. Share food with each other. Consider having food as an important task of the day and eat mindfully.

This will help you absorb all the nutrients in the body and will make you healthy and you will lose weight faster. The strongest animal is the bull it eats only grass but is so muscular, because they are designed to absorb most nutrients by chewing food well and respecting what they get.


Have a small snack like peanuts or chana or cheese slice or a fresh fruit or dry fruits. You can even have chapatti ghee and gud. Poha upma or idli dosa or besan chila or any such Indian homemade snack in small quantity is great. Do not overeat have tea or coffee if desired.


Have dinner as early as possible anytime starting sunset latest upto 8pm.Remember to have dinner two hours before bed. Have anything like dal rice, sabzi chapatti,khichdi or any non veg that you like.(add ghee to the food)Keep dinner the lightest meal of the day. But do not starve yourself.


1. HAVE GHEE , OIL BUTTER, MILK CREAM AND CHEESE. They are good fat and very good for health. Ghee will help you lose weight faster add it on roti or rice .Oil is needed for lubrication of joints. Cheese is good for skin and beautiful hair.

2. Chew the food very slowly and very well. Take at least 20 to 30 minutes to finish the food.

3. Add other millets chapatti and bhakri made of Raagi jowar ibajra they are very good for health.

4 .Have green salads & curd with your meal they are good for digestion.

5. Having dinner early will help your body to detox all organs and refresh your brain to give you good sleep and wake up fresh.

6 Do not overeat but do not eat too less as well.

7. Do not have same food daily. Your gut needs diverse bacteria to function well.

8 Do not have acidity tablets. They kill your stomach acid and causes indigestion.

9. Do not drink water 30 minutes before and after food. Do not drink water with food. Have lot of water apart from that. Water kills stomach acid leads to indigestion if you have it with food.

10. Have traditional and local food do not follow ant weird diets they will make you sick.

11. Do not eat anything from a packet like biscuits wafers chips toast kharri chivda etc these are very harmful. Make homemade snacks if you want eat in less quantity.

12.Losing excess weight in a month altogether will give you very lose skin and unhealthy look so keep a target of 1 kg its healthy maximum 2 kg not much. Gaining muscles is necessary as well .workout will help you with that.

13. Eating dark chocolate is good for health avoid any sugar filled chocolates.

14. DO not use refined oil for cooking its harmful for health. Have filtered or cold pressed oils.

15. Do not have any cold drinks or beverages or fruit juices they are of no use to us.

16. India is country of diversity. Which includes a variety of foods. Stick to the indian traditional food.Do not go for any western diets. Cook food the traditional way that are parents and grandparents did. They were so healthy never had any junk food .Adapt our traditional lifestyle again. India has the best spices and herbs in the world. Western countries are now adapting Indian culture and having ghee doing yoga etc

Physical activity

Our body is made to move. We cannot be in one place all the time and say we can’t lose weight.

Just keep a simple routine of just a 15 minute workout activity at least 4 days in a week.

You can choose to do yoga, walk or simple High intensity workout at home. No need to join a gym .It’s a waste of money and time. Also make sure your full day activity is good as well. Workout 15 minutes and sitting whole day will not help. Make sure you are busy with some household or outside work .Walk to the market. Walk back home after dropping kids. Take the stairs not the lift. Learn to make the healthier choices always. Do the workout that makes you happy. Do not take any stress.

Cheat Meal

You can have one cheat meal in a week maybe at weekend. You can eat junk food that you love like pizza burger and whatever else you prefer make sure not to overeat and eat well before bed. Even if you eat something unhealthy do not carry the guilt to the next day we are human need to live life and enjoy time with family. Happiness is the most important. Bounce back to the healthy eating back as soon as possible.

Meditation, forgiveness and gratitude

Spend at least 5 minutes in silence and loneliness daily with yourself .Forgive others that will give you peace of mind. Do not keep grudges. Love yourself. Nourish yourself with good food and positive thoughts. Do not expect anything for anyone, believe me this works best and has cured my anxiety forever. Expectations bring sadness. Whoever is helpful and loving towards you express gratitude towards them tell them they are important for you and you love them value them. Love is most important in life jobs and money will come and go in life. Who matters to you is important. Love them cherish your relationships.


Breathing exercise has greatly helped me cure asthma thyroid cold cough and also lose weight its amazing .Just sit daily for 5 minutes on the floor in the yoga position close your eyes and practice deep breathing .It will reduce anxiety and stress and you will lose weight too. It will also strengthen your immune system and save you from infections.

Sleep well

Sleeping well is very important. Make sure you get quality sleep. If you don’t sleep well weight loss will not happen. Sleeping 8 hours is necessary .If you are sleeping lesser make sure its good quality sleep. Stop using any gadgets before sleeping. A dark room gives good sleep.


So this was my weight loss journey in a healthy manner with no diets just simple home made food and also just simple workout at home. No need to pay for weight loss its free of cost. All you need is determination and self love.

Losing weight with help you be away from all lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, asthma, thyroid ,arthritis and many more auto immune diseases .It will balance hormones in the body and ultimately you will feel healthy happy and calm. Once you have made muscles and lost weight you will never gain weight again hence its most important to gain muscles. Hence do not ignore workout.

Do not let anyone tell you that you are fat and cute be slim and beautiful because you are the best !!!!

Hope the information was clear and precise if you need any clarification please leave comments .I will try my best to reply as soon as possible

All the best !!!


Eat well and lose weight!!

Do not starve yourself!!!

Smile life is beautifull!!!

Signing off

your weight loss mentor


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Yoga mat

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