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Keeping the Tradition Alive

Even if it means ranting about learning life-lessons by default.

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Traditions take time to form and take root. Once established, they are like trains on a track, challenging to stop, and even more difficult to derail. However, once we realize the need for change and make a commitment to it, everything starts to fall in place, sometimes through unexpected means.

My nephew arrived yesterday from China, where he teaches English to earn a good income. He is living his version of the Freedom Lifestyle.

Well, I was up past midnight catching up with him, and woke up late this morning. I also had to work this morning, which only happens on Sundays, if ever. After getting off around 3 PM, I was too tired and discombobulated to write. I took a nap instead.

Then there was catching up to do on Facebook. I had committed to reading stories by others in exchange for sharing mine with them. Some of them are even kind enough to take a peek at my stories occasionally.

So, here I am. It’s 7:30 P.M., and I have nothing meaningful to write. Nothing that will contribute something of value to others, anyway.

I know myself well enough, so I know I created this scenario for a reason.

I hate shoulds.

I know I should’ve written it ahead of time, knowing that I was going to miss it if I didn’t. But doing so was kind of stressful, and I am avoiding stressful goals. In other words, I hate shoulds.

But I’ve committed to my success goal of writing on Medium. It is part of the plan for creating my Freedom Lifestyle. It excites me to think of the possibilities.

On December 5th, I started a new tradition of publishing a minimum of one story every day. I have kept it up so far, so there is no reason to break the tradition now.

As I said, I created the whole scenario myself; to self-sabotage my efforts of having a better life. Now, there is a tradition I am willing to break.

Faced with the dilemma of whether to maintain the old tradition or the new one, I wasted some time pretending to be busy. I know, I know, busy doesn’t mean working or being productive or useful. (Hey, I am being honest.)

Ultimately, it was a no-brainer. If I kept the old tradition alive, nothing would change. Since I am determined to change my life for better, the long-standing culture of self-sabotage needs to go, which means the new tradition of publishing a story a day needs to be kept alive.

And I have accomplished just that by writing this piece. It does have a purpose and value, after all. What do you know, writing on Medium is not that difficult when you are focused on your success goals.

You can even find and share value in merely ranting.

An epiphany and note to self: Nothing you do in life is without purpose.



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