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Okay, I am Game, Are You?

Because silliness keeps you young and fun.

Photo by Will Myers on Unsplash

Blogging is fun because…

When you can’t think of anything to write about, you start something silly and get everyone else involved. Before you know it, a whole bunch of your friends have new articles/stories of their own. Thanks, Linda Caroll.

As long as I am following the lead,

I am going to steal Linda’s idea about posting my own questions first before answering hers. I told her I like her writing style, and as they say, imitation is the best form of flattery or something like that.

So, here it goes…

  1. What is one Natural wonder that you have visited, and what did you like about it?
  2. What is the Natural wonder would you like to visit next and why?
  3. What is your favorite man-made wonder that you have visited?
  4. What is another man-made wonder you would like to visit and why?
  5. What is something that you have never tried and probably never will?
  6. What is something that you have never tried but would like to try?
  7. What is something you have tried that you’d recommend no one else should?

And here are my answers to Linda’s questions.

  1. What’s one of your fondest childhood memories?

It was the final day of 2nd Grade, and report cards were handed for the whole year. I came in First, so did Sudeshani. She got a double promotion. She’d be in the fourth grade next year. I ran all the home, screaming, “Yahoo! Yahoo!”

When puppa (that’s what I called my dad) learned about Sudeshani’s double promotion, he said, “We’ll see about that.” I was in the fourth grade next year.

2. What’s the dumbest way you’ve ever hurt yourself?

I had recently turned 21. I spent half my paycheck bar-hopping alone till 2 AM and got thrown in jail for DWI on my way home.

3. What do you love to do in your spare time that you don’t get paid for?

When I have a day with nothing to do or if I don’t feel like doing anything, I’d get a day pass and ride the Metro Transit people watching. I may meet someone and may make a new friend.

4. If you were earning 10K/month on Patreon, what would it probably be selling?

On Patreon? I don’t think that it’s even possible. So I would say, Snake Oil.

5. If you could wake up proficient in any skill that you aren’t proficient in now, what would it be?

Marketing myself and my products. {:-)

And now, I’m tagging a few people I’d like to hear the responses from:

Celebriticat, Rachel, Bob, Becky, Helen, Katy, Rachael, Holly and of course Edel. Anyone else is welcome — tag me so I can read your replies!

Before you go…

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