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Vivid Dreams Two Nights in a Row

When I checked the time, it was 1:14 on both nights

Vivid dreams are nothing new to you. I can recall some of them years later. However, I won’t remember them if I don’t write them down.

The last two nights in a row, I woke up from vivid dreams and the time on the phone clock was the same both nights. That’s the first.

Two nights ago, I was in a laundromat, documenting what I was seeing for a blog post or a podcast, even though I don’t have a podcast. I kept repeating one sentence in the narration, Thursday, 2 PM, at the Laundromat. I seem to be reporting what I thought the people there were thinking.

I went to my regular laundromat around 1 PM to do my laundry yesterday. It was, after all, Thursday. I was curious. No, I didn’t stay to find out. I didn’t do the laundry either. I guess I’ll be doing it today. Why didn’t I stay? Maybe I didn’t want to know or find out about what happens/happened on Thursday at 2 PM at the laundromat.

Last night, I was with someone else to be on tour, playing songs by The Beatles. We were assigned the northern loop. I knew that the southern route was better, and had a Deja vu feeling that I had played that route just yesterday with another band.

By the way, I can’t hold a tune worth a shit.

What does this all mean? I don’t know. Sometimes I’ll see the meaning open awakening. Other times, I’ll understand it upon some pondering or making a conscious effort to interpret the dream. Then, some dreams will become a faded memory to resurface now and then. Just as a couple of them from the past are making themselves known right now.

There is so much we don’t know.

“The more I know, the more I realize that I know nothing.” ~ M Scott Peck

Please share your thoughts and experiences. I am curious if nothing else.

Here are a couple of my stories about dreams from my life.

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