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Ebrahim Raisi Admits to MEK’s Role Against Iran’s Regime

Ebrahim Raisi a mass murderer, as the mullahs’ regime president

Regime president Ebrahim Raisi is admitting to the prominent role the MEK played in countering the Iranian regime’s tyranny in the past four decades.

Raisi, who on June 27 was attending a ceremony to pay homage to Assadollah Lajevardi, notoriously known as the “Butcher of Evin, said, “The group of hypocrites (regime’s pejorative reference to the MEK) shall eternally be cursed because wherever you see evil and sedition in the country in the last 40 years, there has been a footprint of the [ MEK].

There has been no movement or action against this revolution where the hypocrites were absent.

With the backing of dominant powers (one of the regime’s terms for referring to the West), the hypocrites have always tried to continue with their evil deeds.”

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Originally published at on June 28, 2022.



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Masoud Dalvand

Masoud Dalvand

Human rights activist and advocate of democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.