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Election Boycott by the Iranian People

Mother of killed protester Reza Moazami Gudarzi

I salute all my compatriots. I am the mother of Reza Moazami Gudarzi who was killed during the November 2019 protest. Along with other grieved Iranian mothers, and in respect to all victims of the 2019 protest and my beloved child, Reza, I will not vote for the Islamic Republic regime. My vote is regime change. No to the Islamic Republic.

Reza Fathi Kia, a protester paralyzed during the November 2019 protests

Yesterday the blood of people like me was shed and tomorrow is your turn. What did the regime’s previous presidents like Khamenei and Rafsanjani do? And what will the butcher of the 1988 massacre, Ebrahim Raisi, do with his six-grade education? The Islamic Republic was not my choice and never will be. Don’t stamp your fingers with the blood of the November 2019 victims. I live with the hope of seeing the destruction of the mullahs’ rule. Viva Iran and the Iranian people.

My name is Shahram Ghavimi Ghalati, the brother of Javid Ghavimi Ghalvati who lost his life for the freedom of Iran. I have not voted and will not vote in respect to the innocent Iranians whose blood has been shed.
Mr. Ebrahim Raisi! How do you want to provide us homes, freedom, and job opportunities? Like the 1988 massacre? The downing of the Ukrainian airliner? Or the execution of Navid Afkari? Like all the executions you approved.
We all have difficulties in owning our own homes, employment, livelihoods, etc. But what should I vote for? Vote another thief into power? Vote for those who select themselves to gain power. Do I have to vote for a sham election? They lie constantly and say the U.S. is to blame for our problems. But our enemy is here.
Be strong and do not vote. Do not listen to any promises in order to send a message to the officials. These games will in a few days and these high-ranking officials will disappear, but our refusal to vote will remain. Please do not vote this year.
We must not vote. We live in Iran, but we cannot breathe. I am a young person who is barely making ends meet for my family of seven. Yesterday, I spent 20 million rials ($83) to provide food for just four days. Why should I vote? We will not vote.

Originally published at on June 16, 2021.



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