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Free Iran 2020, Global Summit: A Monumental Achievement in the Struggle for Freedom

Maryam Rajavi at the Free Iran Global Summit at Ashraf 3- July 17, 2020

The annual “Free Iran Global Summit 2020” meeting of the Iranian Resistance held online on Friday, July 17 in an exceptional and special circumstances that the coronavirus has imposed on the world, marked a historical event in the political and social history of Iran.

A unique technological event

Dozens of distinguished personalities who spoke at this event expressed their amazement and admiration that the event was held in 30,000 places in 102 countries of the world, including Iran, where internet access is very limited. The event was attended by 1,000 of personalities, political leaders, human rights activists, and other dignitaries from around the world. Many described the meeting as “extraordinary,” “amazing,” “unimaginable,” “making the impossible possible,” and “an exciting technological achievement.”

Joseph Lieberman, former U.S. senator and Vice Presidential nominee, suggested registering this event in the Guinness Book of Records.

Many of the speakers described the event as a manifestation of the extraordinary organizing capability, discipline and management of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the Iranian Resistance. They pointed out that a movement and resistance that can organize such an event is qualified to overthrow the ruling religious fascism and rebuild the Iran destroyed by the corrupt and criminal mullahs.

Speaking to the people of Iran, former Columbian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt said, “This conference shows that the whole world is united for you, to support your struggle, to tell you, you are not alone, that we admire you… What impresses me today is that with this digital display that we are witnessing through this worldwide webinar, we are witnessing that we are united.”

Beyond political achievements

But the astonishingly important political achievements of the “Free Iran Global Summit 2020” should not be overshadowed by the technical and tactical brilliance and executive power of its organizers. One of the highlights of the event was the political diversity of speakers and participants.

An example was the participation of the Albanian politicians from both parties. Despite many political differences, the two major Albanian parties agree on supporting the MEK and taking crucial decisions against the Iranian regime, such as expelling its ambassador from Albania. Sali Berisha, former President and Prime Minister of Albania, despite being in opposition to the incumbent government, emphasized in his message his support the Albanian Government’s decision to expel the Iranian regime’s ambassador and added, “In my opinion most necessary answer to the terrorism of the regime and its plots against you is a complete severance of diplomatic ties.”

Previously many distinguished personalities across the globe have remarked MEK’s role in unifying different political groups as one of the key reasons for the Iranian resistance has managed to maintain its cohesion and unity despite the enormous pressure on the MEK and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) by the Iranian regime and its supporters and lobbies. They considered the MEK as Iran’s symbol of hope to heal the deep wounds inflicted by the evil mullahs who destroyed the Iranian society and the Middle East, under various religious, and ethnic reasons.

In the online event, which lasted more than eight hours, NCRI President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi delivered a keynote speech, in which she addressed the most important political and social issues of Iran and laid out the Iranian Resistance’s solutions.

Three great and historic commitments of the Iranian Resistance

In her speech, Maryam Rajavi spoke very open and honestly about the three great and historic commitments of the Iranian resistance for Iran’s future and emphasized: “We have come together to underline three monumental and historic commitments that we have pledged to accomplish.

Our first commitment is that we, the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance, will overthrow the clerical regime and will reclaim Iran. Our second commitment is that we, the people of Iran and the Iranian Resistance, will build a free and democratic Iran. And our third commitment is to remain faithful to our people’s sovereignty and their vote; to not seek power at any cost, but to establish freedom and justice at any cost; to never return to the dictatorships of the Shah and the mullahs. And, as the majority of elected lawmakers in the U.S. and Europe have pointed out, we want to establish a democratic, secular and non-nuclear Iran.”

During these years, many movements and people claimed fighting the Iranian regime. But only one movement was able to persevere in the last 40 years and continue its constant struggle against the regime. That movement is the MEK and the NCRI. The ability and competence of the MEK and the Iranian resistance to overthrow and rebuild a free, prosperous, and democratic Iran was a common quote of all speakers.

A statement signed by a bipartisan group of 31 prominent U.S. figures in support of the Iranian Resistance states: “The one organization that has done more than any other entity, including governments, to free Iranian citizens from tyranny and the world from fundamentalist-inspired terrorism is the NCRI.”

In his remarks to the Free Iran 2020 event, Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York, said: “The MEK is the driving force for change. It’s why the regime has singled it out for murder.”

Senator Joseph Lieberman said: “There is no better ally than the NCRI. Is there another opposition group with support in Iran anywhere near the NCRI? No. Therefore, we have to say to all regime lobbyist and apologists that what we are doing in America, those of us who so strongly support the NCRI, is in the interests of the security of the American people, whose security is threatened by the fanatical regime in Iran.”

A vision for the enchained homeland

What came to pass in the “Free Iran Global Summit 2020” is perhaps beyond words. But Mrs. Rajavi best summarized it in a part of her speech:

This summit echoes the voice of the Iranian people’s 40-year Resistance against religious dictatorship and fascism and for freedom and democracy.

This is the voice of the largest, the longest-standing, most sophisticated, and most serious organized resistance in Iran’s history, with the roaring river of its martyrs’ blood, and the moving chants of massacred MEK who continued to insist on their belief to the end, against the most murderous and cruel rulers.

This summit echoes calls for the clerical regime’s overthrow, which were heard during successive uprisings from December 2017 and January 2018 to November 2019 and January 2020. It is the people’s calls for the regime’s overthrow after the conclusion of “reformer vs. principlist” theatrics that was aimed at preserving this very regime.

This summit is the voice of Resistance Units and rebellious cities across Iran who have put an end to a history of despair, incredulity and inaptitude, replacing it with the pledge of “we can, and we must.”

Today’s summit represents our enchained homeland in three of its most prominent features:

A rebellious and revolutionary Iran;

An Iran united in solidarity;

And a free and democratic Iran of tomorrow.

Maryam Rajavi at the Free Iran Global Summit at Ashraf 3- July 17, 2020




Reflecting Iran Developments For Democratic Change

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