Global IRGC Problem Has an Iranian Solution

Masoud Dalvand
Freedom Star
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3 min readOct 26, 2023

Originally published at the NCRI website

As the ongoing crisis in the Middle East enters its third week, leaders and legislators worldwide are increasingly vocal about the nefarious actor pulling the strings. In the United Kingdom, members of both Houses of Commons and Lords are urging Downing Street and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs to designate the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps ( IRGC) as a terrorist organization. The London-based Telegraph reported on October 21 that Washington also urges such action.

The United States and the European Union are witnessing a chorus of calls from policymakers, analysts, and lawmakers pushing for a resolute stance against the most active state sponsor of global terrorism. All signs point to the fact that Ali Khamenei, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, who believed he could divert attention from the growing trend of social revolt by sowing chaos in the Middle East, is rapidly realizing that his gamble was a costly one.

Facing increasing pressure, Khamenei tempered his bellicose rhetoric on October 12, trying to distance his regime from the recent conflict. Nonetheless, given the regime’s extensive history of involvement, he remains unable to escape the consequences of his own making. Now, he finds himself in a situation where he must either betray the very forces his regime has been supporting so far or confront the repercussions directly.

Nevertheless, while Middle Eastern and Western leaders recognize the source of the problem, the fear of another regional conflict fuels hesitancy in addressing the root cause. The current instability and ever-complicating crises in the Middle East stem from the international community’s failure to address Islamic Fundamentalism, a threat the Iranian Resistance has warned about for three decades. After years of appeasement and enduring the consequences of an emboldened Tehran, they now clearly see the problem but hesitate to acknowledge the solution.

On the night of October 22, explosions rocked the headquarters of the IRGC in Eshrat Abad, at the heart of Tehran, shattering the image of a force that Khamenei aims to portray as untouchable. This incident is not an exception. Since 2016, Iranian youths have been regularly targeting the extensive security and intelligence apparatus of the terrorist regime.

In bold operations across the country, hundreds of courageous Iranians risk their lives to challenge the atmosphere of fear that the clerical dictatorship seeks to instill in the hearts and minds of its opponents, both domestically and internationally.

Unfortunately, Western governments and their media outlets, driven by shortsighted considerations, have hidden these daring efforts from their public opinion. As a result, their policymakers and analysts are prone to surprise whenever a nationwide uprising erupts across Iran.

But these actions are keenly observed by those who need to combat their fear and muster hope the most.

Clear-eyed by severe oppression, systemic corruption, and the exposure that every political stunt the regime has used in the name of reform was nothing but a deceit tactic, a burgeoning dissident segment within the nation is on the rise, driven by a sense of having nothing more to lose.

Since 2017, this growing movement has remained largely unnoticed, its gradual development and modest actions escaping global attention. The eruption of a nationwide uprising in 2022 and its months-long endurance, was only a sociopolitical explosion that had been steadily building all along. This qualitative maturity of social dynamics was the result of the sustained accumulation of many quantitative endeavors.

Rather than inflating the costs of decision-making through stalling and an excessive focus on risk management, the world must acknowledge its perilous ignorance. The Iranian people have showcased their capacity to withstand the regime’s apparatus of terror, and the constant complaints from Iranian state officials about “terrorism” serve as a veiled admission of the regime’s Achilles Heels. What the world can do to assist the Iranians in liberating themselves and the world from this terrorist regime is to refrain from obstructing their path.

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Masoud Dalvand
Freedom Star

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