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Iran Protests: Anti Regime Protests in Abadan, Khuzestan, After the Metropol Tower Collapse

People in Abadan, southwest Iran, took to the streets protesting the collapse of the city’s Metropol tower and the regime’s dismal and suspicious response — May 25, 2022

A massive crowd of locals in Abadan, Khuzestan province, took to the streets on Wednesday night, May 25, in anti-regime protests triggered by the collapse of the city’s Metropol tower on Monday, May 23.

Angry protesters were chanting slogans against the regime, local officials, and the corrupt contractor responsible for the faulty construction project that led to the tower crumbling down, leaving at least 16 people killed, 37 injured, and dozens still feared missing.

State media is reporting 34 of those injured have been dispatched and are recovering in their homes now.

Wednesday night, May 25, saw protesters chanting slogans specifically targeting senior regime and local Abadan and Khuzestan province officials for their destructive policies and corruption that led to the disaster, and recent incompetence in providing necessary aid during the rescue effort.

Originally published at on May 26, 2022.



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