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Iran Tragedy Under the Rule of the Mullahs; Suicide of an 11-Year-Old Boy for Not Having a Mobile Phone to Attend an Online Classroom

Mohammad Mousavizadeh 11-year-old boy who committed suicide due to extreme poverty and deprivation of education

A state-run website in Iran published a shocking report about the suicide of an 11-year-old Iranian child Mohammad Mousavizadeh. Excerpts from this report are below.

State-run Asr-e-Iran website, October 12, 2020: An 11-year-old boy from Bushehr committed suicide because he did not have a mobile phone. How do you think this boy’s parents feel now? Sitting in the corner, drowning in grief and mourning, asked themselves why they could not get a smartphone for their child.

Bushehr Education says that the school principal gave a phone to the boy, and he was in the “Shad” system (the name of the online school education system in Iran). The boy’s mother says that “the school principal said he wanted to give a cell phone to Mohammad and two other students, but this promise not fulfilled.”

An 11-year-old boy does not understand what a dollar equivalent to 31,000 tomans means in Iran. He does not know what harm inflation has done to his family life. The poor boy or girl sees that his / her classmates have a smartphone, or at least one family member has a mobile phone that they can connect to the “Shad” system.

The child sees this and tells his parent that he wants a smartphone. They also give him a negative answer with a state of shame and promise tomorrow and other days. The child becomes sad and depressed because of all this helplessness. And the head of the family is ashamed of all this inability.

“Fifty percent of the thieves arrested in the past three months had no record, and this is the first time they have arrested on this charge,” the Tehran police chief said recently.

Why did these people think of stealing? Their income does not provide them with a living. They cannot meet the demands of their families. Whatever they do and wherever they go, they cannot.

And the price of every dollar that goes up every day, the people’s livelihoods that get smaller every day.

Inflation and high prices have divided society into two parts: Poor and rich. Some have so much money that they do not know how to spend their money, and a large amount of the community has nothing to pay.

The sound of the broken bones of the poor people heard. The sweat of shame on the head of the family is visible, and of course, some still do not want to hear and see.

Suppose we could create jobs and cure people’s pain by talking. Indeed, if energy could be produced by promise, Iran would be the number one energy producer.

What is the solution to all the pains of the Iranian people?

When we look at the innocent face of this suffering child, one feels a sense of pain and, at the same time, anger at the widespread corruption in the Iranian regime.

Only the supreme leader of the regime, Khamenei, has hundreds of billions of dollars in Iranian people’s assets. The Revolutionary Guards have also created a vast financial empire. For years, hundreds of billions of dollars of Iranian people’s assets have been spent on nuclear weapons projects or the mullahs’ terrorism and warmongering. But the Iranian people can no longer tolerate all this suffering. Changing this corrupt religious dictatorship and establishing freedom and democracy, justice, and human rights is the solution to saving Iran.

Originally published at on October 12, 2020.



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