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LIVE REPORT: Protests in Iran Over Rising Costs

Iran Protests- 16 November 2019

Anti-regime protests have erupted across Iran, with chants of “Death to the dictator,” after the regime tripled the price of gasoline. The protests, which began on Friday, November 15, are continuing despite a major crackdown by the authorities. The ‘Resistance Units’ of the main Iranian opposition group People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), also known as the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MEK), are coordinating much of the protests and sending out footage from the scene. We will be updating this page live with the latest reports of the protests in Iran.

On Friday, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), hailed the brave people of Mashhad, Shiraz, Karaj, Sirjan, Ahvaz, and other cities for rising up against the mullahs’ corrupt and criminal regime. She urged all the young people to rise in support of the protesters. Mrs. Rajavi emphasized that this would be the only way to get rid of high prices, poverty, inflation and calamities the mullahs’ regime has inflicted on the Iranian people. Mrs. Rajavi added that by tripling gasoline prices, the mullahs further impoverish the people. The economic lifeline is controlled by [the regime’s Supreme Leader] Ali Khamenei, Hassan Rouhani and the billion-dollar thieves working with them. They pillage the people’s wealth for warmongering, unpatriotic nuclear and missile programs to usurp people’s sovereignty, the NCRI President-elect said.

Live Updates:

November 18, 2019:

Regime helicopters shoot demonstrator in Iran during fuel price hike protests

Iranian security forces open fire on protesters in Karaj

November 17, 2019:

Iran Protests day 3: A swarm of heavily-armed anti-riot forces keep circling the neighborhood on their motorcycles to spread fear & quell any further unrest. Judging by the video, it looks as though they have zero influence on the people. (Sanandaj, Iran)

Heavily armed police have taken up positions at the Tehran Grand Bazaar as merchants go on strike in solidarity with anti-regime protesters on day 3 of Iran Protests. Internet lines remain down in Iran. Footage trickling out via the MEK’s network of activists.

Last night in Khorramshahr: Gunshots are heard clearly as Iran’s regime attempts to forcibly suppress Iran Protests. MEK activists report clashes in the city center which is in lock-down. Hossein Mohammadpur, 14, is in Vali-Asr Hospital after being beaten in the head.

Mrs. Rajavi the President-elect of the NCRI wrote on twitter:

November 16, 2019:

NCRI statements:

Skirmishes in Tehran streets, uprising spreads to other cities. Iran Uprising, №10

To prevent the spread of protests & its news, regime cuts off the Internet

Iran Uprising Spreads to 75 Cities, Robat Karim City Hall Falls, Khorramabad TV Station Attacked. Iran Uprising, №9

Iran Youth Fend off IRGC Attacks, Torch Centers of Suppression and Plunder. Iran Uprising, №8

Karaj: People are setting fire to a local IRGC Basij base & a bank as protests continue over the recent petrol price hikes.

Ghale Hasan Khan, west of Tehran: Locals are torching the municipality building

Iran Protests And Uprising Spreads to 65 Cities, 25 Provinces. Iran Uprising, №7

Andishe, west of Tehran: Youths angry over the wounding of one of their colleagues by the regime’s oppressive forces are chanting: “I will kill those who killed my brother!”

Vaeen Tehran: protestors set fire to a police station.

Fardis, west of Tehran: Most of the city’s banks are torched by protestors.

Iran Protests: Protesters in Tehran chant slogan Down with dictator after gas price

Shiraz: Protestors are chanting, “Down with dictator!” “Down with Rouhani!” “Down with Khamenei!”

Isfahan: “People are begging, [Khamenei] lives like a god!”
Protesters are targeting the root of their miseries, being the mullahs’ Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Tehran, Sadeqiye district: Locals clashing with security forces & chanting: “Down with the dictator!”
Protests over the recent gas price hikes continue across the country.

NCRI statements:

IRAN: Uprising against gasoline price hikes — №3
IRAN: Uprising against gasoline price hike — №5

Robat Karim, southwest of Tehran: Protesters torched 12 banks, forced the regime’s security forces to retreat, took control of the municipality & launched roadblocks.

Shahriar: Protesters made security forces to run away in their demonstrations against gas price hikes.

Tabriz: Iran’s Bank Saderat ransacked in Tabriz on day 2 of protests in Iran. Note: Bank Saderat is affiliated to the Defense Ministry & IRGC.

Bushehr, police tries to subdue protesters. A policeman promises to see to their concerns. The protesters mock him & say you’ll do so with teargas and hot water [cannons]. (Footage via MEK activists in Iran)

Kermanshah, day 2 of protests in Iran: Teargas is used against protesters.

Kangan (southern Iran): “Rouhani, shame on you. Let go of the country” — chants against the regime’s President on day 2 of protests in Iran over rising fuel costs, corruption & suppression.

Tehran: “Death to the dictator” & “Dignified Iranians, unite, unite” being chanted today in Iran’s capital as angry people block the Hakim Expressway. Day 2 of protests in Iran over rising fuel prices, corruption & suppression.

Behbahan: Anti-regime protesters have taken over Behbahan as protests in Iran continue for a 2nd day over price hikes & suppression.

Now protesters in Behbahan are attacking Refah Bank, affiliated to Iran regime’s Defense Ministry. Chants of ‘Death to Khamenei’ continue on day 2 of protests in Iran

protests in Iran update: Iran’s Bank Sepah comes under attack as protesters chant “Death to Khamenei” in Behbahan. Note: Bank Sepah is owned by the Revolutionary Guards.

Update from Behbahan on day 2 of protests in Iran: Bank Melli burning as protesters take over the city’s main intersections.

Rudehen: Police attack protesters with water cannons & teargas on day 2 of nationwide protests in Iran over rising costs,corruption & suppression

Tehran: protests in Iran today in Tehranpars District. The brave lady who captured the film chants “Dignified Iranians, unite, unite” prompting protesters to cheer & chant the same slogan.

Iranshahr: Blazing tires have created a roadblock on Day 2 of nationwide protests in Iran over rising fuel costs, corruption & suppression.

Behbahan Update from protests in Iran today: Shots being fired but protesters refuse to budge & defend themselves with stones on day 2 of nationwide uprising over rising fuel costs, corruption & suppression.

Day 2 of protests in Iran: Residents of Dalaki (Bushehr Province) set up a roadblock to protest the 3-fold gasoline price increase in Iran.

Andisheh, Day 2 protests in Iran: Chants of “the mullahs must get lost”. Anti-regime protests continue over fuel price hikes in Iran.

November 15, 2019:

Mrs. Rajavi, the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran wrote on twitter:

Mashahd: “Guns, tanks & fireworks. The mullahs must get lost” — anti-regime chants tonight in Iran’s 2nd largest city as protests in Iran erupt nationwide over rising fuel costs.

Behbahan: “No to Gaza, no to Lebanon; my life is for Iran” — anti-regime chants tonight.

“Rouhani, resign, resign” — the people of Iran are chanting against the regime’s president tonight after fuel prices were raised to offset sanctions

Chah Salem (Khuzestan Province): Protests over fuel price hikes. Traffic at a standstill as angry people

Ahvaz: “Dignified residents of Ahvaz, switch off your cars” — chants this evening in protests in Iran over fuel price hikes across Iran.

Mashhad:”Death to the dictator” being chanted in Iran tonight as the regime’s strategy of raising fuel prices to withstand sanctions crumbles

Ahvaz: Iran regime sends in its shock troopers to quell protests in Iran over rising fuel prices. Protests have erupted around the country.

Ahvaz: “Leave Syria alone. Think of us instead” — chants at protests in Iran

Don’t be afraid. We’re all together” — brave chants tonight in Ahvaz as protests in Iran rock the country over the huge jump in fuel prices.

Mashhad: Dictator, shame on you! Leave the country alone” — protests in Iran tonight in.

Behbahan: “The mullahs must get lost” — chants tonight after Iran’s regime raises fuel prices.

Behbahan: “We’ll die but won’t accept subjugation” — chants in protests tonight over fuel price hikes.

IRAN: Khuzestan Province residents protest the rise in gasoline prices — №1 (NCRI Secretariat)



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