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Toward a Free Iran, We Can, and We Must

Free Iran Rally in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, July 10, 2021

From December 2017 to November 2019, and throughout the past years, it became clear that the Iranian Resistance strategy of “uprising, an active resistance and overthrow” drafted and maintained by the Resistance Units is going to be victorious and has pushed the regime on the brink of demise.

They definitely will lead and unite all the anti-regime fighting forces towards the long-awaited destination of a free Iran. Their work and struggle will clear the path of the Iranian people toward their goal from all the saboteurs and opportunists.

The Shah met with the mullahs during his reign in the 1970s

From those who seek to introduce the solution from within the regime, to those who seek to revive ‘Reza Shah’ and push the people to accept a regime that was overthrown in 1979. For that, they even criminally and shamelessly misrepresent history.

Iranian people celebrate the Shah’s departure from Iran in December 1978

The conclusion of the developments of the past years, especially since the November 2019 uprising, is that there will be an overwhelming face-off between the Iranian society, especially the resisting youths who joined the Liberation Army, and religious fascism.

Iran Protests — November 2019

From a bright point of view, this is the beginning of the destruction of the foundations of religious fascism by the Iranian people, and they will finally uproot it.

This will be finalized by the future protest led by the youths of the country, especially the women and girls, who the regime fears the most. They have proved their bravery and leadership in all protests over the past years.

They want:

  • A country where cranes shall be used for construction and not destruction of human life.
  • A country where stoning to death and amputation of limbs would be a thing of the distant past.
  • A country where religious and kangaroo courts shall be disbanded.
  • A country where love, friendship, and tolerance shall replace mistrust, hatred, and vengeance.
  • A country where all citizens shall enjoy the right to freedom, the right to life and the right to security.
  • A country where all citizens could express their beliefs and wishes, where everyone would be free to protest, where everyone would be free to protest.
  • A country where everyone shall be free to choose one’s clothing and way of life, and women would enjoy equal rights in all affairs, including leadership.
  • A country where all citizens with diverse beliefs and religions could live side by side in harmony.
  • A country where no religion would be banned, and no religion would enjoy privilege over another.
  • A country where inquisition would be eradicated, and no citizen prosecuted for their beliefs or thoughts.
  • A country where war, bloodshed and violence shall be completely eradicated.
  • A country which would promote peace and friendship in place of fundamentalism and terrorism.
  • A country that would be committed to coexistence and good neighborliness.

Originally published at on June 29, 2022.



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Masoud Dalvand

Masoud Dalvand

Human rights activist and advocate of democracy, freedom, and justice in Iran.