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Tweet-a-thon: ‌Boycott Iran’s Sham Elections!

Boycott Iran Sham Elections

On 25 May 2021, Khamenei’s Guardian Council eliminated some of the highest figures who have been part and parcel of crimes committed in the last 40 years within the regime in effort to consolidate the regime and maximize repression.

Such a purge amongst some of the most trusted figures within the regime is a clear sign of the regime’s crisis in its final phase and fearing its final collapse in the near future.

On May 16, we came together warning the world that in efforts to save a regime on the verge of collapse Khamenei is trying to pull out Raisi, the notorious henchman of the 1988 Massacre out of the ballot box, and today that was validated with the purge of all other candidates.

The Iranian people have called for nationwide boycott of the sham elections. In solidarity with the brave people of Iran we will be coming together this Sunday & Monday in a ‘Tweet-a-thon’ to voice our support and solidarity and to share the messages of Iranians pouring in from throughout Iran and Iranians abroad not only calling for the nationwide boycott but indicating their goal with the hashtag #رای_من_سرنگونی (My Vote Regime Change)

Join us on Sunday in our Tweet-a-thon using hashtags

Join us May 30, 2021–1730 CEST | 11:30 am EDT | 8:30 am PDT

In Solidarity,

The Free Iran Campaign

Originally published at on May 25, 2021.



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