Technology and Innovation — Tuesday, 29th November 2016

AI will Read your Lips

FTN Daily #49 —Your privacy vs the Man — Speech recognition reloaded — And more

Photo: Anna Sastre

Worst. Privacy Watchdogs. Ever.

Let’s you trust the most powerful, most unaccountable entity with our data — the government. What could go wrong? Renate Samson for CapX.

Porn Viewers have Rights too, You know.

Signing up for a porn site does not mean signing away your rights. Elizabeth Rivera and J. Tadeo for Global Voices

Good Typography should be for everyone

How Apple made possible the Desktop Publishing revolution. John Brownlee for FastCo Design.

Become a part of the Jexetset

An aerospace industrialist is toying around with the concept of a flying saucer straight out of The Jetsons. Charles Bombardier for Wired

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