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FTN Daily #35 — Ned Flanders Metal — South Park is our only hope — Kafka relaoded — and more

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Good bye, Mr. Hallelujah!

With Leonard Cohen another great artist has passed away this year. The canadian singer-songwriter died at the age of 82 — but his songs like “Hallelujah” will survive. Read again one of his last public interviews. David Remnick talked with Cohen for The New Yorker.

For a Better World: Watch more South Park!

Even in it’s 20th Season South Park is still one of the best — if not the best — satirical animated Sitcom. Trey Parker and Matt Stone just have a nose for what’s going wrong in the world and are able to put these into funny-as-hell-moments. At these point we only can give you the advice: Watch more South Park — for a better world!

A closer look at the young Kafka

A new biography by Reiner Stach traces the author’s early years. The Economist.

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