End Export Extremism!

And stop demonizing imports. Also: IKEA, Africa and the universal utility of freedom. — FTN DAILY EDITION #132, Economics and Business

Clem Onojeghuo

Free the World

Freedom works even for the unfree.

Marian L. Tupy for CapX:

Let us now look at a concrete example of what Hayek meant when he wrote that “unfree societies benefit from what they obtain and learn from free societies”.

African Skies

Opening up sky transport throughout Africa can help the continent unlock more of its huge potential.

Hassan Houry for World Economic Forum:

A single air transport market for Africa is key to unlocking the opportunities the continent presents.

End export extremism

Everybody thinks exports are key to a healthy economy. Imports are at least as … important.

T. Norman Van Cott for Foundation for Economic Education:

Those who choose to export while importing as little as possible will find themselves ill-clad, ill-housed, ill-fed, and possibly dead in short order.

Ingvar the Conqueror

The IKEA success story.

Tim Harford for BBC News:

Anyone can make shoddy, ugly goods by cutting corners. And anyone can make elegant, sturdy products by throwing money at them. To get as rich as Mr Kamprad has, you have to make stuff that is both cheap and acceptably good.

Smart Growth

We don’t necessarily need to grow food production as much as thought.

Jeff Mulhollem for Futurity:

So, while Tilman’s study showed that the world will demand 100 percent more calories in 2050 than in 2005 that is the equivalent of only a 68 percent increase over production levels in 2014, the most recent year with available data.

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