People & Society — Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Fight the Game

FTN DAILY #63 — Repealing unjust laws in Russia, Lebanon and Columbia, milking immature millennials for money and more.

Photo: Maarten van den Heuvel

Don’t fight the players, fight the game

Blogger Anton Nossik wants to annul Article 282 of the Russian Criminal Code, a catch-all statute that prohibits “actions aimed at the incitement of hatred or enmity.” Isaac Webb for Global Voices.

A changed man

Glenn Beck has spearheaded the political wave that carried Donald Trump into the White House. That is his biggest regret. Peter Beinart for The Atlantic

Millennial boot camp

If you can pay $27,500/month but still fail at parenting, this “treatment center” for immature millennials will take your money. Molly Osberg for Fusion.

Reform against rapists

Lebanese lawmakers took the first step to overturn a law that allows for rapists to avoid punishment if they marry their victims. Joel Williams for CNN.

Forget weed, legalize coke!

More and more Colombians demand coke be legalized. They see it as the only way to win and end the drug war. Wesley Tomaselli for Ozy.

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