Free Spirit

Whiskey as a Freedom drink. Also: Music as a drug, sexy dance moves, Tom Cruise and 4chan. — FTN DAILY EDITION #119, Culture


4chan and Trump

The long backstory behind the troll community and the US president

Dale Beran for Medium:

Such an idea — one of utter contemptuous despair — is embodied in one image more than any other, one storied personage who has become a(n) hero to millions, the voice of a generation.
I am speaking, of course, of Pepe the Frog.

Have a Whiskey

A documentary on the most important drink there is.

I, Whiskey for YouTube:

The history of whiskey is also the story of freedom…

Tom Cruise Falls Into Other Movies

Exactly what it says on the package.

DrMachakil for YouTube:

I’m really not a post production expert but what the hell, I wanted to play a little with it


Think about it: you can control molten hot glass with your breath.

Explorist for Facebook:

Learn the science behind glassblowing!

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