Freedom Today #11 — 15th October 2016 — Culture

Lost for Words

The loss of written language, the worth of paper notes, the politics of all art, and — of course — the new Star Wars trailer.

Off to the Library, brb.

Reading Books is correlated with lots of health and happiness benefits. Rachel Hallett for the World Economic Forum.

Lost for Words

The rise of online video threatens reading and writing skills. That’s a threat to democracy and discourse worldwide, where emotion trumps opinion. Iranian blogger Hossein Derakshan on Medium.

Dig out that Pen

A pen, paper and some good thought still have their rightful place in communication. Emily Brady for Several People are Typing, the Slack corporate Blog.

Putting the Art in Partisan

All art is — at its core — political. Always has, always will. Emma Greguska for ASU Now.

Dylan On Dylanism

Recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan spoke about his unique views in this Interview last year. Robert Love for AARP The Magazine,

Blocking the Memory Hole

For the first time, the International Criminal Court has convicted someone for destroying historical cultural sites. Kevin Knodell for War is Boring.

Searching Big Foot

“Cultural Libertarianism” is a thing. Until you take a closer look. Elizabeth Nolan Brown for Reason.

Death Star

The second trailer for Rogue One is out. And it’s great.

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