Freedom Today #6 — Monday, 10th October 2016 — Economics and Business

Dancing for Money

The good economics of stripping, the bad economics of online fame, and the surprising morality of Uber’s surge pricing.

I See Strippers for the Economic Insights

Call it Stripping. Call it Exotic Dancing. Market forces are at work. Ainslie Caswell for The Billfold explains them.

Rules? We Make Up Our Own Rules!

The problem with the rules for open international markets? Governments enforce them inconsistently. Liberal democracies are just as guilty as the rest. Harold James for Project Syndicate.

Your Way from the Gutter to the Stars

Our lives are better than ever. Thanks to globalization. Now you can see how the world improved in your lifetime. Marian L. Tupy for CapX

Skating To Where the Puck Will Be

They’re big. They’re successful. Some say they’re doomed. What makes Apple tick? Rick Tetzeli for Fast Company.

Protective Blocks

The next financial crisis looms. Blockchain technology can help to develop robust decentralized responses. Guy Branddon for Decentralize Today.

Surging Morally

Yes, there is a moral case for increasing prices in dire times. Russ Roberts for NewCo Shift makes it.

The Perils of Microprominence

Being an online celebrity does not necessarily pay your bills (strippers may very well be better off). Gaby Dunn for Fusion.

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