Freedom Today #8 — Wednesday, 12th October 2016 — Health and Science

Holy Cow!

How to analyze campaign speeches, why Londoon Zoo monkeys murdered each other, and how cows can save you.

Sausage Party

When the London Zoo perched too many male baboons together in 1925, they killed each other. Scientists blamed the nature of things. It took decades to understand the real reasons. Ben Christopher for Pricenomics.

How do yo do?

English ist the most learned foreign language worldwide. A study measured which countries are the most fluent. Bethan McKernan for indy100 has the results.

Holy Cow!

To give us antibodies we need against deadly diseases, scientists are looking at genetically engineered cows. Emily Mullin for MIT Technology Review.

High Horses

“[W]hy do the intelligentsia […] keep getting it wrong and the […] the general public keep getting it right?” Adam Perkins for Quilette.

Actually, Let’s Mince Words

We cannot really win in this Douche vs. Turd election. At least language analysis of Clinton’s and Trump’s speeches gives us some scientific insight. Maixent Chenebaux for Reputation Squad.

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