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Freedom Today #9 — Thursday, 13th October 2016 — People and Society

Remembering Anna Politkovskaya

An unsolved murder in Moscow, dangerous pretended mental-health problems, and the case for trailer parks.

Remembering Anna Politkovskaya

Ten years ago today, Anna Politkovskaya, one of Russia’s leading investigative journalists, was shot to death in the elevator of her apartment building in Moscow. Isaac Webb for Global Voices.

Willingly Weak

Normal challenges are rebranded as mental health hazards. This threatens normal human interchange. Frank Furedi for Spiked.

Yes, We do Need Education, Thank You!

If, for some reason, you’re looking to meet people with a good school education, you might want to visit theses countries. Thomas Colson for Business Insider.

Meet the New Elites. Same as the Old Elites.

New global elites organize themselves in patterns that mirror old ones. Meanwhile, it gets harder to join their ranks. Jason Lopata and Ian Morris for Forbes.

Own F***ing Business

Leave it to the Germans sue over the question whether a sex cam studio is a home office. A big, wet, juicy tale of bureaucracy in The Local.

They See me Rollin’

Trailer Parks are affordable for tenants and profitable for investors. Time to reconsider some stereotypes. Alex Mayyasi ·for Pricenomics.

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