FTN Daily #17 — Saturday, 22nd October 2016 — Culture

Frog Off!

Warpaint’s “New Song”, there is nothing libertarian about the Alt Right, and the Simpsons predicted a Nobel Prize winner.

Frog Off!

The “alt right” with its Pepe memes is not Libertarian. No, “cultural libertarian” doesn’t count. Good Riddance! Daniel Pryor for the SFL Blog.

Literally Wrong

Is the Literature Nobel Prize for Bob Dylan outrageous? Or isn’t rather the outrage outrageous? Bernard-Henri Lévy for Project Syndicate.

Hold Still!

Mike Kelley makes “Airportraits” by combining dozens of photos of airplanes in the same spot. Michael Zhang for PetaPixel

Simpsons Did It!

We are not surprised. This year’s winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics has been predicted — kind of — by The Simpsons. Melissa Locker for Time.

Warpaint — New Song

We like this new video from the Alternative band Warpaint.

World War Nerf

What’s better than a cliché heavy war movie? A cliché heavy war movie with Nerf guns.

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