Happily Unhappy

How to be content with the world. Also: Cooking tips, Iran, Hans Rosling and really old “fake news”. — FTN DAILY EDITION #117, People & Society

Seth Doyle

How to honor Hans Rosling

Remember the message, not only the messenger.

Peter Fällmar Andersson for HD:

He realized he was stuck in ”persona hell”, and that people remained ignorant at a level worse than random guessing when they took Gapminder’s tests. Not because of a lack of knowledge, but because of ”an actively upheld ignorance”.

Iran ❤ USA

Iranians refuse to follow the Mullahs’ hatred against “Great Satan”.

Mahsa Alimardani for Global Voices:

Iranians are sharing posters, phrases, and images of solidarity between different countries, especially between Iran and the United States.

You’re never fully happy

And that’s OK.

Mark Manson:

Life is not a checklist. It’s not a mountain to scale. It’s not golf game or a beer commercial or whatever other cheesy analogy you want to insert here.

Fake news, not so new

The fake news debate is more than 125 years old.

Louis Anslow for Timeline:

1889 A group of prominent journalists gathered to discuss the scourge of “yellow journalism,” a phenomenon brought about by the the earliest form of tabloid newspaper.

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