Markets, Markets everywhere

Solving the worlds problems by letting people trade. On markets. — FTN DAILY EDITION #150, Economics and Business

Juan ignacio Tapia

Fight the refugee crisis with capitalism

It’s an economic no-brainer.

Paul Collier for CapX:

Bringing work to Syrian refugees in the regional havens is both more feasible and more humane than the alternative briefly adopted in the autumn of 2015, of bringing refugees to jobs in Europe.

Fly high

Flying cheap? Thank the guy in 1st class.

Wendover Productions for YouTube:

In defense of expensive drugs

Innovation costs need to be covered.

Ross Breckenridge for Project Syndicate:

The relationship between unmet medical need, innovation, and high drug prices is complex and politically fraught.

No consensus on universal basic income

The experts are divided.

Genevieve Shanahan for The Conversation:

A common worry is that providing a basic income for young people would, perhaps more than for other demographic groups, encourage worklessness and dissuade integration into the labour force, with severe long-term effects.

First Aid

Markets help Venezuelans and Greeks cope with catastrophic political measures.

Shaun Bradley for Foundation for Economic Education:

Merchants in these off-grid markets are often associated with danger and violence, but in reality, they provide the purest form of voluntary transactions.

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