Freedom Today #1 — Tuesday, 4th October 2016 — Innovation and Technology

New Disruption in the Oldest Profession

In our first ever issue of Freedom Today, we look at the impact of technology on our life. Get to meet a truck that packs flat, like an IKEA package, social change brought by sex dolls and poorly working “smart devices”.

Photo: Pixabay

Welcome to our first issue of Freedom Today! On Tuesdays we feature technology and its implications for a better, more free future. We have read and collected lots of stories to bring you this selection. Enjoy!

Africa’s next Truck comes in an IKEA-like Package

Engineers and designers have developed a truck to aid Africa’s progress. It comes flat packed like IKEA furniture and can be assembled in a few hours with minimal tools. Andrew Williams reports for Ars Technica.

Mechanization: The Newest Disruption in the Oldest Profession

Robotic Sex Dolls are still a novelty. But in the long run they might change prostitution and replace human sex workers. Rachel Bishop for the Daily Mirror.

How Israel got itself Wet

Originally, the middle east country had to be very careful about water. Now the supply is bigger than ever, thanks to science and technology. Rowan Jacobsen on Global Voices.

Blockchain can make Government suck less. Here’s how.

The Blockchain technology from Bitcoin can be used to improve government services. And some are starting to try it out. William Mougayar for Extra Newsfeed with a few examples.

Freedom Today will return tomorrow with an issue about Science.

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