No Common Ground

Libertarians and identitarians don’t mix. Also: Refugees and the value of liberty. — FTN DAILY EDITION #124, Politics & Debate


Can’t play with us

Why Milo and Richard Spencer are not the victims here.

Casey Given for Rare:

Nobody’s rights were violated.

Stop navel-gazing!

We are having a hypocritical debate about refugees in the West.

Jorge Moreira da Silva for Project Syndicate:

Uganda, for example, took in more refugees from South Sudan in 2016 than the total number of migrants crossing the Mediterranean into Europe over the same period.

Demos rise!

Democracy is under attack.

Mick Hume for Spiked:

It is fundamental to our modern humanity to be sovereign citizens with a say over our own lives and societies.

Just to reiterate

Liberty is better for you.

Anthony Kim for CapX:

People in economically free societies live longer and have healthier lives. They enjoy greater political freedom and can better defend their human rights.


The case for nice libertarianism.

Jeffrey A. Tucker for Foundation for Economic Education:

There is a segment of the population of self-described libertarians — described here as brutalists — who find all the above rather boring, broad, and excessively humanitarian.

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