Politics and Debate — Friday, 25th November 2016

Putin’s little Helpers

FTN Daily #46 — Creepy kremlins — No Frexit — And more

Putin’s Little Helpers

“Dissidents” in the west assist the Kreml in undermining their own societies. Former Polish foreign minister Radosław Sikorski for CapX.

The highly unlikely French Leave

France is very unlikely to follow the British example. Their outlook is very different, argues Bill Wirtz for Freedom Today.

Teacher, let them Children Work

If we really love children, why don’t we allow them to work instead of enduring a coercive school system? Jeffrey Tucker for the FEE.

Controlling Populists

How to counter the rise of illiberal forces around the world. Harold James for Project Syndicate.

Black Rifles Matter

Cody Wilson is an enemy of the state as such. In this video interview he talks about how he enables people to build their own guns. Zach Weissmueller for Reason TV.

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