Rock On

Rock isn’t dead. Neither are weird Russian memes or fear of heights. FTN Daily Edition #107 with links from The New Yorker, The Poke, Global Voices, Uproxx.

Sergio Alejandro Ortiz

An interactive Feature

Filmmakers push the boundaries. Raffi Khatchadourian for The New Yorker:

The result, empathetic and precise, could easily work as a gallery installation.

Feeling Jumpy

This video is making the rounds for a reason. Poke Staff for The Poke:

67 people who had never been on a 10-metre (33 feet) diving tower before

Come and marvel at Zhdun

This new Russian meme is quite weird. Of course it is. Kevin Rothrock for Global Voices:

Despite his lack of feet, Zhdun has even found himself in Vladimir Putin’s shoes.

Rumors of Rock’s death have been greatly exaggerated

Despite all naysayers, Rock is alive and well. Steven Hyden for Uproxx:

Of course, there were those who argued that rock died before I was even born.

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