FTN Daily #20 — Wednesday, 26th October 2016 — Science and Health

Sonic Youth

Keeping your brain young with ultrasound — Killing Malaria — Learning from the US elections — Killing cancer with ice

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Malaria is on the decline. Still, the disease still makes mosquitoes the biggest killer in the world. Bill Gates for gatesnotes.

Putting Votes on a Map

The US elections have been visualized for long. The maps get better and better. Greg Miller for National Geographic.

Finding Truth in Forecasts

The forecasts of the US elections are a great opportunity to refresh your understanding of probabilities. Pradeep Mutalik for Quanta Magazine.

Medicated for Success

“Smart drugs” certainly do have their risks. But their benefits should not be underestimated. Berit Brogaard for Psychology Today.


A new therapy, cryoablation, promises to fight breast cancer — by freezing the tumors. HealthDay News for Health.com

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