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Promotoing Liberty is more than just writing. Also: A granny school, city life and the beauty of human relationships. — FTN DAILY EDITION #141, People & Society

Redd Angelo


A school in India teaches older women to read and write.

Rina Chandran for Reuters:

The Aajibaichi Shala, or grandmothers’ school, is perhaps the only one in India for uneducated, elderly women. Set up by a charitable trust and Yogendra Bangar, a teacher at the village’s primary school, the school teaches the women to read and write, and basic arithmetic.

No Fairytale from 1001 nights

The position of women in the Arab world leaves much to be desired.

Lina Abirafeh for The Conversation:

Worse still, between their patriarchal societies, increased conservative movements and lack of political will to move towards gender equity, the Arab world today is seeing a backlash against women’s rights and freedoms.

Free and Fair

Liberty makes relationships valuable. And vice versa.

Jeffrey A. Tucker for Foundation for Economic Education:

You can look at Wall Street, the lives of the 1%, the mind-boggling complexity of financial markets, and imagine anything you want. But the truth is that all these institutions and signals distract us from the root of all market institutions: human relationships.

Get up!

Taking libertarianism from the desk to the streets.

Georgi Vuldzhev for STUDENTS FOR LIBERTY:

A witty and unconventional protest can garner more attention and have a bigger impact on public opinion than even the most in-depth and well-written public policy paper.

Cities have always been the same

An interview with historian Carolyn Purnell about living in Cities 150 years ago.

Jessica Leigh Hester for CityLab:

The city wasn’t necessarily louder than it is today, but the urban environment was very dense, and people were unaccustomed to tuning it out.

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