Politics and Debate — Friday, 18th November 2016

The Colors of Freedom

FTN Daily #40 — Libertarian or Neoliberal — Stupid Politics — The elusive truth — And more

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Lies, damned lies and journalism

The problem with reporting “the tuth”is that nobody agrees what is actually true. Paul Dughi for Thoughts on Journalism

So, which Word will it be?

While some embrace the “neoliberal” label, others reject it. Jason Kuznicki for Libertarianism.org

Challenging the Arab status quo

The Arab world will transform. Liberalization is the only way to do it peacefully. Marwan Muasher for Project Syndicate.

International Hun of Mystery

The influential EU parliament president Martin Schulz eyes a transition to Germany. Florian Eder and Janosch Delcker for Politico.

Airpower ain’t everything

Syria shows that overwhelming air power will not simply win a war. Martin van Creveld on his blog.

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