People and Society— Thursday, 1st December 2016

The Ethical Jigsaw

FTN Daily #51 — Conflicting goals at Alphabet— Data is no post truth remedy — And more

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The Ethical Jigsaw

Project Jigsaw, formerly Google Ideas, Wants to fight censorship and hate speech — at the same time. That makes for interesting ethical questions. Lucy Work for Quartz.

Facts aren’t dead. But don’t put your trust in data alone

How to deal with the so called post-truth these days. Jon Collins for GigaOm.

How Afghanistan deals with mental health issues

Afghans deal with the same mental health issues as people elsewhere. Except PTSD. Mark de Rond and Magda Rakita on Medium

Curb Your Relativism

Dear Castro Apologists: Your Ethical Relativism Is Inexcusable. Bill Wirtz for Freedom Today.

Chilling News for Internet Freedom in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine

The “Freedom on the Net” report by Freedom House shows mostly negative developments in the former Soviet Union. Jack Margolin For, republished on Freedom Today.

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