Science & Health — Wednesday, Dec 07, 2016

The World’s Hardest Language

FTN Daily #56 — Gadget lifesavers — Complex linguistics — And More

Photo: Mark Rasmuson

Telltale gadgets

Wearables can evolve into early warning systems to preserve your health, lengthen your life. Elizabeth Woyke for MIT Technology Review.

The AI doctor to check your eyes

AI processing of photographs can improve and speed up diagnosing of diseases. Lily Peng for the Keyword.

Dogs observe better than they listen

Trained dogs do rather what you show them than what you tell them. Elizabeth Preston for Discover Magazine.

The Whales Were Saved Already Once — Thanks to Petroleum

Prices and market incentives saved the seaborne mammals from extinction. Kerosene oil was just cheaper than hunting whales. Bill Wirtz for Freedom Today.

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