Politics & Debate — Friday, Dec 09, 2016

Use Your Head

FTN Daily #58 — Protecting Liberty against threats from everywhere — And more

Photo: tpsdave

Gambian Miracle

Power was transferred peacefully in Gambia. Demba Kandeh for Global Voices

Worth Defending

How Identity politics, populism and radical political Islamism threaten Liberty. And how to counter them. Tom G. Palmer for Cato Institute

Partners in crime

The EU’s recipe for failure: A toxic symbiosis of technocrats and populists. Robert Colvile for CapX.

Fillon’s Looming Foreign Policy Reset

On foreign policy, French presidential hopeful François Fillon agrees less with the current government than with Front National. Bill Wirtz for Freedom Today.

Between the Hindukush and a hard place

Pakistan’s geography influences its policy. A video by Stratfor.

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