Technology and Innovation — Tue, Dec 6, 2016

We Could Have Seen It on the Web

FTN Daily #55 — Hindsight prediction — A cool robot — James Bond’s toys — And more


It was on Twitter

Scientists watching Twitter saw Brexit and Trump coming. they just couldn’t believe it. Nanette Byrnes for MIT Technology Review.

The Algorithmic Trap

Social media algorithms are inherently incompatible with news reporting. Frederic Filloux for Monday Note.

The Laser Snake

While it does look rad, this robot is also extremely useful in contaminated areas. Jamie Condliffe for MIT Technology Review.

Netflix’s Chop Block

By carefully cutting up and optimizing videos, Netflix delivers highest quality at the lowest possible bit rates. Janko Roettgers for Variety.

Switzerland’s History of Anti-Nuclear Initiatives

The Swiss voters decided to keep nuclear power alive. Let’s put the highly charged nuclear referendum in perspective. Bill Wirtz for Freedom Today.

From Q With Love

A complete list of all the 007 gadgets. Andy Schneider and Jonathan Britnell for Burger Fiction.

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