22 free courses I bet you don’t know about

1. The Smart Marketer’s Landing Page Conversion Course

Skill: Design, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Marketing| Level: Beginner

Where better to learn about landing pages than from Unbounce, one of the most popular landing page software creation tools on the market?

2. Tips for Public Speaking

Skill: Communication | Level: Everyone

If you’re like me, then you’re scared as shit of public speaking. It’s why I’m super pumped about taking this free course by Zach Holman, previously of Github and Gild.


3. How to build an online course

Building an online course is worth it, and it’s a ton of fun. Learn it. Then do it.

4. The Creative Class’ free lessons

Learn: Business skills for freelancers| For: All freelancers

I completed the premium version of Paul Jarvis’ Creative Class. Hands down, it’s one of the best courses I’ve ever taken in my life. Jarvis teaches freelancers how to handle the business side of things.

5. Learn Web Design From Scratch: Ultimate Resource for Every Upcoming Designer

Skill: Web Design | Level: Beginner

Created by 1stwebdesigner.com, this free course claims to be “ultimate free web design course for beginner designers in 2016.”

6. HackDesign

Skill: Design | Level: Beginner

I haven’t actually taken this course myself, but it looks legit.


7. Google Analytics Academy

Skill: Google Analytics| Level: Beginner-Advanced

8. Growth Hacker Kit

Skill: Growth| Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Learn how to increase customer conversions in this free course on customer acquisition.

9. Zana.io

Skills: Entrepreneurship, StartUp| Level: Beginner

Zana is AMAZING. Its videos are short and sweet. They get right to the meat of the content quickly and the videos are by seasoned experts.

10. Google’s Tools for Entrepreneurs

Skills: Business, Marketing, Technical| Level: Beginner

Google for Entrepreneurs and General Assembly partnered to bring you 24 videos in this YouTube playlist that’ll teach you business, marketing and digital native skills.

11. Canva’s Design School

Skills: Web Design| Level: Beginner+

12. Facebook for Business

Skills: Facebook| Level: Beginner+

13. 50 Ways to Get a Job

Skills: Career| Level: Beginner

14. The Influence Playbook

Skills: Marketing| Level: Beginner

This free email course teaches you how to become a thought leader in your given industry.

15. The Beginner’s Guide to Content Marketing

Skills: Content Marketing| Level: Beginner

16. Facebook Course Catalog

Skills: Facebook Marketing| Level: Beginner+

Learn about Facebook Pages, A/B testing and so much more by taking any of Facebook’s free courses.

17. Power Searching With Google

Skills: Google Search| Level: Beginner+

Get better at Google search, and you’ll be unstoppable.

18. Google Apps Learning Center

Skills: Google Apps| Level: Beginner+

19. Become an Analytics Expert

Skills: Analytics| Level: Beginner

20. Launch This Year

Skills: Startup, Entrepreneurship| Level: Beginner

22. The Book of Life

Skills: Life| Level: Anyone

It’s called the Book of Life because it’s about the most substantial things in your life: your relationships, your income, your career and your anxieties.

Bonus: Full Stack Marketer free lessons (Plus I’ve re-opened the premium course to 11 more students)

Learn how to hack the job hunt with Full Stack Marketer. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a WordPress website, how to market that website and then how to market yourself.


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