Skill Tester #1–1 Liners!

Matt Cooper
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3 min readApr 29, 2020


My first project in Skill Testers.

(I haven’t written a post in a while… so be gentle with me lol)

So, Coronavirus happened and some of us creative folk have been out of work, down on work or limited to work options. Because of this, I, personally have found times in the past where the stress of the situation can overtake the fun of creativity. After all, we’re only human.

However, not this time. COVID is allowing us more time at home… so why not utilise that time to be creative in various ways. I always wanted to try new things in life.. work wise and life wise! After all… I can’t seem to sit still and with more and more time on my hands… why not!

“God! You’re so fidgety!”

Foreword provided by my fiancé

First Up…1 Liners

So my first challenge is to create new illustrations mastering the art of continuous line drawings. I love the sketchy look of this style and how crazy and 60's-esque the words look.

The idea is to combine 1 continuous stroke line with 1 of my favourite movie characters and 1 famous line from that spoken character.

Getting the detail in there was tricky, but with this style, I found you can get the detail just right and the “messy” line style makes the illustration look crazy and suits the style well.

Program Used: Illustrator Adobe
Tools Used: Pen Tool, Brush Tool

I decided to choose characters from movies that inspired me and stuck with me as memorable movie moments in my life.

“Wendy? Darling” — Jack Torrance

“Smells Like Victory” — Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore

Hiya Georgie! — Pennywise

“As You Wish” — Boba Fett

“Hello! Hello!” — Mr Yellow

My Thoughts
I love the way these turned out and have since created more. I also found them thoroughly enjoyable too, a great way to pass time and a great new skill learned! From the craziness of the line style to the 60s lettering and boldness of the characters… I’m ‘diggin’ these! 😆

Keep an eye out for my Skill Tester 2 Next Week (4–8th May)!

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