How To Promote Your Book AND Make Extra Income On Medium

Are your book sales NOT what you expected?


Did your sales start off with a BANG and then dwindle to a mere trickle of pennies instead of mega dollars?

Did the “self styled gurus” lie to you about the $millions you would be making with your self-publishing empire?

The fact is that the “average” self-publisher makes less than $500 a year from their book. This includes the 1% that makes more than $1000 a month (some $10,000 and more) and sadly includes those that make $0.00 a month OR less (Amazon fees). Where are YOU in that spectrum?

What really drags these numbers down are the authors who optimistically throw their “books” onto the Amazon platform having NO idea that they then have to do “some” marketing and selling. Many new self-publishers think that writing the book is the important part … the hard part. They think that Amazon will help sell their books.


Writing a book is 10% of the self publishing equation. NINETY PERCENT of the equation is Marketing and Selling. As a self-publisher YOUR job includes all the marketing and selling tasks.

For example, one of the hardest tasks any self-publisher will ever undertake is getting the first batch of good reviews. Some people think this is worse than having all your teeth pulled without anesthetic.


So IF you are struggling and are wondering what to do … let me cut to the chase with one word.


Medium is a platform where you could make some “extra” income with your existing book.

Here’s How You Can Turn Your Book Into Extra Income on Medium

1. Take your book and break it down into its various pieces.

This might be self-evident with non-fiction books where you could write a short articles about the topic of each chapter (copying the chapters and publishing the exact same content violates Amazon’s rules) Then connect each article to your Amazon affiliate book link and sell your book(s).

Fiction writers, need not despair. You could write a short prequel to your book or a short sequel. You could tell the back stories of each of your main characters. You could fill in a story for each of your secondary characters. Or you could just indulge yourself and write short stories that don’t HAVE to turn into a book!

Poetry writers. There is a huge community of poetry writers on Medium. You could include poems from your book … and then using your Amazon affiliate link … connect to your book. You could add the poems that never made it into your book OR write new material.

2. All authors can write articles about the process of writing your book.

About the process of learning HOW to become a book marketer. About the angst, struggle and uncertainty of becoming an author. About the processes of setting up your Author Platform including your website/blog, your newsletter, and your social media platforms. ALL of these topics lead readers back to you book(s) AND all of these article could be paying you a few cents or dollars here and there. You “might” (don’t hold your breath) luck out and write a trending BIG paying article.

You might like or LOVE Medium so much that it becomes a regular income stream for you.

Pick any topic you love and start writing about it. Have FUN with it and play. You could develop your next book on Medium AND find out what your potential audience thinks about it ahead of time.

Other Benefits of Medium:

One of the fabulous thing about Medium is the audience feedback and interaction you get. For ME the comments are priceless. The other stats that Medium provides you with (number of readers, how long readers stayed glued to your article) can give you a lot of valuable information you can use when setting up your books.

Build an audience that you would never otherwise have access to!

Medium can become an effective tool as part of your Author Platform.

A way to get traffic to your website. A way to build your email list. A way to develop an fan base for your books.


The thing I LOVE the MOST about Medium is the audience interaction. Readers comment on and highlight parts of your articles. You can see what articles people react to and what makes you $$. I love finding out what readers think and especially the questions they ask.

You can build your community ON Medium itself, and on any of the Medium focused Facebook and other platform groups.

How MUCH Extra Income Can You Make on Medium?

Take a look at these two articles.

Making Money on Medium OR Where’s The Money Honey?

Is Medium a fast route to mega riches?


Is Medium work? Yes it IS. How much work depends on YOU and what you want to accomplish. Depending on your existing author platform you may already have done 80% of the work … you can use existing blog posts and newsletters you have sent out in the past. You an add your YouTube book trailers and other podcasts.

Is the Medium hard to use? NO … BUT as with everything there IS a learning curve. There is a lot of free information about learning HOW to use Medium ON Medium. There are also courses that can help you ramp up quickly and methodically.


You can check out up to 3 behind the paywall articles for FREE (as a free member you can access 3 free articles a month)

Here are my top paying articles … you will definitely be surprised!

IF you are taking a serious look you can get access to ALL the articles on Medium for only $5 a month. By using this link I will get a small commission when you join … which is one of the WAYS you too could make extra $$.

If you are interested in finding out MORE about Medium and want to get started …

Melanie Rockett has been a freelance writer for over 40 years. Over those years she has written dozens of books, thousands of articles, and hundreds of video scripts. She has also developed over 200 websites along with SEO services. Her clients have ranged anywhere from solo-entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. She is now semi-retired and works exclusively with freelance writers and kindle authors.

Do YOU want to become a well-paid freelance writer, or sell more Kindle books? You can find her website here You will also find her on the Freelance Writing Zone on Medium.



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