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Before you waste money on a freelance writing “course”, read these (free) posts instead

Why waste money on info that’s available for free online?

You can pay for much of this info or get it for free right here on Medium. Your call!

Many courses that purport to “teach” hungry, desperate wannabee freelancers about how to become a successful freelancer are nothing more than get-rich-quick schemes for their (often inexperienced) creators.

If you’d like a deep dive on the mechanics often at work:

Short version:

Long version:

I post the majority of what I have learned from five years’ profitable freelancing experience here on Medium.

Now to preempt some questions / objections you may have (yes, to free knowledge):

Why do I do this?

a) I like writing. It’s …. kinda why I got into this.

b) Writing is a way for me to process information I’ve learned and synthesized. Thus the exercise of writing about freelance writing is to an extent self-serving. It helps me to cement and document what I know. I sometimes even refer back to my own posts!

c) Even though I don’t charge for what I know, writing about freelancing has helped me kick off relationships with other freelance writers in the past. Sometimes this even leaves to work. Monetization and “reward” doesn’t have to be direct.

Why don’t I charge for it?

a) I make money from charging clients for writing

b) I don’t wish to monetize what I have learned at this moment in time

c) I (currently) like the idea of passing the baton of knowledge on for free. I also believe that if more freelance writers get a handle on how to run their businesses more effectively, we can raise rates for all of us. It’s not a zero sum game.

With that aside, here’s some of my writing about how to make freelance writing work organized by topic. At the time of writing, all these posts are totally free and not behind the Medium paywall.

Index with my posts organized thematically. Updated at the time of writing. I’ll probably update the post in six months’ time or so when I have more written.

Enjoy. And if you want to like and share with your network!




Everything about the art and craft of running a freelance writing business including client management, growth, marketing, and more.

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