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The Value Of Zoom Networking With Other Freelance Writers

Other Writers Are Just A Video Call Away. Why Not Reach Out?

Other freelance writers are a webcam chat away. Why not reach out to them?

What Can You ‘Get’ From Online Networking With Other Freelance Writers?

Freelance writing can sometimes force one to adopt something of a mercenary mindset.

How To Set Up Online Meetings With Other Writers

In order to have a URL to direct other freelance writers to, I set up a dedicated Calendly slot for what I call peer to peer networking opportunities.

  • Both parties will respect the fact that the meeting should be considered off the record. This encourages people to talk freely.



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Daniel Rosehill

Daytime: writing for other people. Nighttime: writing for me. Or the other way round. Enjoys: Linux, tech, beer, random things.