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Who wants to be on Reddit’s first podcast for writers?

Could anonymity change a writers’ podcast — for the better?

What would a podcast be like by writers in the shadows?

A few weeks ago, I had a brainwave.

What would happen if we took a Reddit community — a subreddit — and gave it its very own podcast?

Not a podcast “owned” by any one person — conventionally a host.

But rather a distributed podcast, collectively run, that had its “home” aboard a social network?

And what if — like Reddit — most of its contributors were anonymous?

Many freelance writers who are invited onto podcasts use the platforms as content marketing opportunities. Which is understandable. I’ve done the same thing.

But what about a podcast by writers for writers in which guests, by virtue of being anonymous could be totally uninhibited about their experiences as writers?

Could writers be more brutally open about the trials and tribulations of making it as a freelance writer if the world — and even the host — didn’t know their true identity?

And could that honesty, in turn, create a more valuable listening experience?

These were the thoughts that, yesterday, led me to speak into a microphone and create this:

For those interested, The Freelance Writers of Reddit Podcast (episode count: one) (Spotify) is an effort to find answers to all of the above questions.

It’s also a podcast produced in the hope that a mixture of anonymity and on-the-record views from attributed freelancers could give the podcast that extra bite of authenticity and candor versus other writers’ podcasts currently on the market.

That’s the elevator pitch.

And because most Redditors take protecting their anonymity very seriously — that includes me — here are some thoughts I’ve hemmed out specifically a bout how this could be done in a way that allows those that want to to remain in the auditory shadows.

How To Pitch Yourself As An Anonymous Guest

Interested in coming on the show as a guest? That’s awesome.

The podcast will consist of two formats:

  • Conventional host-guest interviews
  • Monologues from contributors. These are suitable for total anonymity but will be backended and prefaced by an introduction/conclusion from the rotating host so that they’re in context for listeners.

Here are some ways you can do that.

Totally Anonymously

Method 1 (Reddit):

  • Drop /u/freelancewriterspod a direct message on Reddit
  • Send a link to a recording of your monologue (e.g. via WeTransfer). If you want to be even shadier and modify the pitch so that your true voice is obscured — you’re welcome to
  • We’ll listen to the recording and if it’s worth sharing edit it into an episode

Method 2 (Email):

  • Set up an account on Protonmail with an alias. If you want to tie it to your Reddit identity I suggest [yourReddithandle]
  • Pitch your idea and/or send your recording to the email below.


  • The podcast is for writers who are on Reddit.
  • The podcast is not affiliated with any particular subreddit, including /r/freelancewriters.
  • The podcast is not affiliated with Reddit itself (the company that operates the social network by the same name).
  • If you’re not on Reddit you’re still welcome to pitch yourself as a guest. You might just need to set up an account to pitch yourself. Anonymity is the interesting angle here.



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