Anthony Beilin
May 23 · 2 min read

One of the best things about having kids is reading them stories at bed time. Despite the invention of the TV or iPad, the written word (with pictures) remains one of the most impactful ways of engaging and teaching children.

The tiger who came for tea is one of my favourites and has been adorning the book shelves of kid’s bedrooms, nursery’s and libraries since 1968.

But one thing that struck me when reading the book is how outdated the copy has become.

It tells the story through a lens of 1960s Britain and I couldn’t help but think what a modern version of this book would read like for the modern freelance economy;

1. Sophie would almost certainly be at home with her daddy– who in an attempt to always enjoy bath time is a now a freelance web designer working from the box room on the third floor.

2. Who is at the door? It’s certainly no longer the milk man — it’s most likely the Hermes delivery man, dropping off another ASOS order for mummy.

3. Sophie doesn’t open the door straight away, she checks the Ring App to make sure it’s safe to answer.

4. The tiger still enjoys his cup of tea, but he insists on almond milk in the milk jug.

5. What is the Tiger eating? Sandwiches are not healthy enough for Sophie — so she opts for Ella’s Kitchen fruit snack and some cheeky pomme bears on the side.

6. When the Tiger enquires about dinner — Daddy suggest they should perhaps order from Deliveroo.

7. Where is Mummy Tiger asks? She has just finished teaching a yoga class — in between working part time for the local law firm.

8. And what do they order on their next Ocado shop? A large can of vegan probiotic tiger food just in case the Tiger should come to tea again.

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The Freelance Collective

Stories, tips and thoughts on life as a freelancer.

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