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Pitch These 6 Markets that Pay Writers

Get paid for your writing in 2022!

Meg Stewart
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4 min readAug 15, 2022
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One of the biggest struggles for me as a new freelance writer was knowing which publications, websites, or companies were looking for writers AND willing to pay them. It was in fact that struggle to find markets that pay writers that helped to inspire what has now become Freelance Ladder.

The markets below are for you if you’ve been struggling to break into freelance writing and get paid for it. They’re also great if you have thought about freelance writing but just haven’t been sure where or how to get started. And for you seasoned freelance writers? You’ll find something too, I bet.

6 Markets that pay writers

1. Bolde

Do you have an interesting perspective on love and life? If so, we’d LOVE to hear from you!

Here at Bolde, our goal is to start discussions around topics that millennial women are already talking about, but in a way that feels like a real conversation we’d actually have with our girlfriends. We’re not “polished” or artificial like a lot of what’s out there — our style is raw, uncensored, and brutally honest.

So tell us your stories. Share with us your unique views on dating, happiness, fashion, beauty, career, health, and anything else that you’re passionate about. More in our guidelines.

2. Craft Industry Alliance

Are you or have you been a designers, producer, makers, retailers, teacher or other member of the craft industry? Want to write about it for others in your industry?

Craft Industry Alliance is committed to fostering a community that reflects the rich history and cultures of craft and the diversity of crafters. Our goal is to continuously evolve and to proactively create an organization that seeks to represent and recognize this diversity. Our mission is to be a trusted source of industry information, creative inspiration, and community for craft professionals. See their FAQ for information on how to submit.

3. PopSugar



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