4 Websites that Pay $100+ For One 1500-Word Article

Monetize your writing without relying on algorithms.

Anangsha Alammyan
Freelancer’s Hub


Image: Author

There are times when I get tired of relying on algorithms.

It hurts when you pour your heart and soul into an article, and it falls flat because the algorithm doesn’t favor it. You get paid peanuts. The hours you spent writing and researching suddenly start feeling meaningless.

If you’ve ever felt the same, this article is just for you. Here, I’ve listed four websites that pay upwards of $100 for one article. There are no algorithms involved. You don’t have to depend on views for money. If you have talent and can write a good article, you’ll get paid for your effort.

So read on, and don’t forget to share this article with your writer friends. If you’d like to watch a more candid version of this list in video format, here you go:

1. CopyHackers

A super tough website to get into, CopyHackers only accepts one in 30 pitches they receive, and only about one-third of these…