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How To Earn Extra Money If You Are A Freelancer

Today I will share several ways to earn some extra money in addition to your services. Whether you are a freelancer or an agency, these tips will help you increase your income.

Where To Find Extra Income Sources

If you provide services, you earn money for your time and skills. For example, you write a text, get your $200 and move on–to write another text or create a landing page or an email campaign. How can you earn more here?

  1. Cross-sell
  2. Affiliate programs

Upsell in freelancing

What is upsell? Upsell is a marketing method to make your clients choose the more expensive option. Your goal is to convince the client that it fits him better than the option he chose first. Let’s continue with the writing example.

Cross-sell sales for a freelancer

What is cross-sell? Cross-sell is another marketing method when you sell something in addition to your leading service. If you develop websites, you can offer a design or maintenance. If you create a logo, you can provide the entire branding for the client’s business. Always search for an opportunity to work with one client on more than one task: many pieces of research say that repeat customers spend more and convert better (60–70% conversion rate to purchasing vs. 1–3% rate from a new customer). Also, it is much easier to sell something to a client who already knows you, works with you and is satisfied with your service. On the contrary, when you try to attract a new client, you spend much more time and effort finding him and starting working with him.

Affiliate programs

My favorite part is affiliate offers. You’re not required to work more to earn more: you just send your client a referral link and receive your money. Let’s see how it works.

  1. Offer more services in one order and sell more to existing clients instead of searching for new ones only.
  2. Register in affiliate programs of tools you use in your daily work and send affiliate links to your clients.
  3. Increase your income every day!



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