2022 as you saw it on Wikipedia

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  • Popular media (such as Dahmer)
  • Pop culture and current events
  • War and death

Popular media

Pop culture and current events

War and death

Full list

  1. Jeffrey Dahmer, 54,931,777
  2. 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, 50,616,575
  3. 2022 FIFA World Cup, 46,794,250
  4. Deaths in 2022, 46,512,168*
  5. Elizabeth II, 43,566,103
  6. Elon Musk, 28,141,699
  7. Vladimir Putin, 25,808,228
  8. Charles III, 25,166,240
  9. Ukraine, 23,612,535
  10. Lionel Messi, 21,973,661
  11. Cristiano Ronaldo, 22,761,096
  12. Amber Heard, 20,397,536
  13. FIFA World Cup, 20,112,321
  14. Johnny Depp, 19,971,788
  15. United States, 18,850,486
  16. Russo-Ukrainian War, 18,822,302
  17. Andrew Tate, 17,641,062
  18. House of the Dragon, 17,625,922
  19. Top Gun: Maverick, 17,563,247
  20. Anna Sorokin, 17,066,155
  21. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, 16,921,202
  22. Elvis Presley, 16,675,885
  23. RRR (film), 16,373,131
  24. K.G.F: Chapter 2, 16,368,401
  25. The Batman (film), 16,028,623


  • This list was originally published with English Wikipedia data pulled by the Wikimedia Foundation on 12 December 2022. It was updated with pageviews from the last ~two weeks of the year in early January. All of the data includes pageviews that went directly to the articles and indirectly through any redirects.
  • *The annual list of deaths is a perennially popular article on Wikipedia. To keep its length down, at the end of each month Wikipedia’s editors split the article into smaller month-by-month lists. As of publishing time, that covers December 2022 — but if you’re reading it in January 2023, the page will be redirected to Wikipedia’s “Lists of deaths by year.”
  • This list has been screened for false positives by cross-referencing the data against the percentage of mobile views and the percentage of articles without a referrer. Mobile views: Any articles with less than 10% or more than 95% mobile views have been removed, as that correlates strongly with spam, botnets, or other concerns. This affected articles like Cleopatra, which @depthsofwiki discovered is a default voice search on Google devices; Skathi (moon), for which we have no explanation yet; and more. Referrers: Any articles where more than 50% of its pageviews came from no referrer were removed. This affected articles like Google and YouTube, and we found similar issues with other articles for large websites, even those that fell outside the top 25. We suspect that a significant number of these pageviews are mistakes that occur when viewers are trying to access those websites.
  • Previous most-popular Wikipedia articles by year data is available for 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015.



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