Argentina: An alternative against populism

by Federico N. Fernández

Published by CapX (August 13th 2015)

In August, Argentina will start the most important electoral process since the return of democracy in 1983. Perhaps never in the recent years has there been such a clear distinction between old and the new, the demagoguery and rationality, populism and republican order.

The Kirchner couple has had three consecutive terms in office since 2003. In these twelve years they have isolated Argentina from the rest of the world and their hate mongering tactics have fractured and polarized society. Following the intellectual guidance of Ernesto Laclau (1935–2014), the Kirchners have run their administration on the basis of constant conflict and the “friend / foe” logic. Interestingly enough, Mr. Laclau owes much of his thought to Carl Schmitt, a Nazi legal theorist. In any case, the Kirchners have been some of the most advantaged pupils of Laclau and applied his neopopulist conception to the letter.

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